eMudhra Limited IPO Allotment Status, Date, Share Price, Listing


eMudhra Limited IPO Allotment Status: eMudhra Limited, India’s most significant recognized Certifying Authority, is getting set to undertake an initial public offering (IPO) that has the potential to generate over 412 billion rupees. SEBI approved the company to proceed with the DRHP filed in November of 2022. eMudhra’s initial public offering (IPO) is comprised of two parts: the first is known as a Fresh Issue, and the second is known as an Offer for Sale. The eMudhra Limited IPO Review will concentrate on many different aspects of the company and the forthcoming initial public offering.

eMudhra Limited IPO Allotment Status

It is the first Indian firm to be section is devoted including well browser and document management software businesses like Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe. In addition to this, no other business in India has ever been awarded such a distinction.

This direct recognition enables the company to sell authentication methods to people and organisations and issue SSL/TLS certificates for web verification on a global scale. Additionally, the corporation can sell digital identities to people or organisations.

The organisation is the only company in India to have been awarded this accreditation, and it holds extensive knowledge about digital signature certificates. It has a platform of 88,457 channel members that are dispersed throughout the several states and union territories that comprise India.

The company’s retail clientele increased from 58,872 on March 31 2019, to 115,905 on March 31 2021. As of March 31, 2019, it had 249 enterprise clients; as of March 31, 2021, it had 518 enterprise customers.

eMudhra Limited IPO Allotment Date

On May 27, 2022, the basis for distributing shares in eMudhra’s first public sale will be determined. The company will transfer the equity shares acquired by subscribers into their individual Demat accounts on May 31, 2022.

The shares will only be made available in their dematerialized form; there will be no distribution of physical shares whatsoever. On May 30, 2022, the company will begin refunding filed offers that were eventually rejected.

eMudhra Limited IPO Date

Events Date
Date of IPO Opening 20 May, 2022
Date of IPO Closing 24 May, 2022
Completion of the Basis for Distribution 27 May, 2022
Beginning of the Process of Refunds 30 May, 2022
Shares Credited to Demat Account 31 May, 2022
Share Listing Date 1 June, 2022

eMudhra has confirmed receipt of the SEBI observation letter and that it has been accepted for the Draft Red Herring Prospectus. It was on May 10, 2022 that the company submitted the Red Herring Prospectus to SEBI. The RHP announced the key eMudhra IPO dates.

On May 10, the company will start taking orders for its primary market, and it will continue to do until May 24. During this time, investors may apply to subscribe to the security.

eMudhra Limited IPO Share Price

As part of the eMudhra IPO, the business would issue new shares with a new value of up to Rs. 161 crore and sell equity shares worth up to 98,35,394.

Through the initial public offering, a significant number of the company’s early backers and investors will dispose of all or a portion of the shares they own in the business (IPO).

As per the RHP, the organisation was able to successfully carry out a pre-IPO giving of approximately 1,603,617 equity capital including a total value of Rs. 39 crore. The SEBI observation letter has been sent to eMudhra, and it functions in the same way as the company’s official complete endorsement for the Draft Red Herring Prospectus.

The corporation handed up to SEBI from May 10, 2022, the Red Herring Prospectus which it had produced earlier in the same year.

The RHP was the very first organisation to make public the crucial eMudhra IPO Dates. This procedure will take place between May 10 and May 24. During this period, investors may make requests to subscribe to securities. Additionally, on June 1, 2022, eMudhra will initiate the listing procedure for the securities.

FAQs About eMudhra Limited IPO Listing

What exactly is the eMudhra IPO?

The eMudhra IPO is a main board offering. They want to raise 412 crores via an IPO. The offering is priced at between 243 and 256 cents per equity share. The initial public offering will be registered on the BSE and NSE.

What is the Investors Portion of the eMudhra IPO?

QIB investors get 50%, NII investors receive 15%, and Retail investors receive 35%.

What is the IPO size of eMudhra?

The eMudhra IPO is worth 412 crores.

How much will the IPO of eMudhra cost?

The eMudhra IPO is priced between 243 and 256 rupees.

What are the minimum and maximum lot sizes for the eMudhra IPO?

The lowest bid is 58 shares for $14,848, and the highest bid is 754 shares for $193,024.

When will the eMudhra IPO be allotted?

The eMudhra IPO will be allotted on May 27, 022.

When will the eMudhra IPO go public?

The eMudhra IPO will be listed on June 1, 022.


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