Specially-able Seema Does Not Need Another Foot To Fulfil Her Dream To Study- Bihar Girl Inspires Millions!

Check out the inspirational story of a Specially Abled girl from Bihar, Seema who has taken the internet by storm given her determination to study. She wishes to be a teacher one day. Check how a viral video became a ladder to success for this little Bihar girl. 

Dreaming is courageous because it makes you aim for the inconceivable. It requires determination, valour and imagination to dream. Michelle Obama once said, ” The only limit to the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and the willingness to work hard for them”. But how far can you imagine if you are specially-abled?

Putting it the literal way we can ask, how far can you run with one leg? But a little girl from Jamui, Bihar, shattered all beliefs of people questioning the dreams of those disabled. Seema, a 10-year-old girl from Bihar is making headlines due to her determination to study. The little girl has become an inspiration to millions of Indians today, as she goes to school on one foot, jumping all the way long, without a speck of embarrassment or self-pity in her eyes.

Check her motivational journey below. We urge you to think of her, the next time you loathe your fully functional body and blame your situation. 

The Video That Went Viral

Take a look at the video below. 

In the video, you can see, how Seema covers the route to her school every day. The 10-year-old lost her foot in a road accident.

Seema & Her Dreams On One Foot:

Her foot had to be relieved from her body as it was crushed by a tractor in a  major road accident she faced in the past. Her father Kheeran Manjhi works as a daily wage labourer in another state while her mother works at a brick kiln in Jamui. Seema has 4 siblings. 

Seema, however, did not let the loss of her foot come between her honest attitude or self-sufficiency. The girl does not depend on anyone in her house to fulfil her daily chores. One can imagine seeing her commute to her school on one foot without any help from her family or any stranger. 

Seema and her determination are something that dreams are made up of. 

The little girl wishes to become a teacher someday and educate the kids around her. When asked by passers-by where she is headed, she innocently replies, “School”. She carries her school bag herself on top of this. It brings tears to our eyes seeing her work so hard, fighting with the situations of her life, with her head held high. 

Can you remember the last time you walked on one foot? How long could you hold yourself straight? Or when was the last time you faked a fever to avoid school or work? Seema can do nothing of that sort because she has made her dreams her life now.

When asked by Amit Alok, Seema said, ” I want to study, become a teacher. I want to teach. My father works out of the station and my mother works at a brick kiln. Both of them are uneducated, but I want to study”.

Seema is currently studying in the Government school of Fatehpur village, in Khaira, Bihar. It is almost 500 metres away from her house. 

Seema is now able to work on one foot and balance herself fully. When asked about it she says, ” I am habitual of this now”. Once in school, she does not even bother that she has just one foot and studies with complete attention. 

Seema’s dream of studying has gained momentum now that her video has gone viral. She had immediately received a tricycle from the DM of the area. We hope that she gets all the help she needs to become a literate Indian and achieves all the success in her life. Wishing her all the best!


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