Shadi Shagun Yojana Apply Online 2022: शादी शगुन योजना फॉर्म

Many girls are there in our country who are not able to get married and one of the root cause for this is the financial conditions. Besides that, the girls belong to poor families and they are not even able to complete their education or get a good job. The majority of the population of girls who belong to poor families is that of Muslim girls. Therefore, PM Narendra Modi has decided to introduce a new scheme for the Muslim girls of the country who are poor i.e Shadi Anudan Yojana

Shadi Shagun Yojana Apply Online 2022

This new scheme by the PM, which is going to start soon, is known as Shadi Shagun Yojana. Shadi Shagun Yojana Scheme – Muslim girls can search online and apply for Shadi Shagun Yojana Apply Online 2022: शादी शगुन योजना फॉर्मUnder this scheme launched by the central government, the girls who belong to the Muslim family of the country and who have completed their graduation will be provided financial assistance i.e. grant of INR 51,000, which is like a grant gift in their marriage.

But again the demerit in this scheme is that only those girls can benefit from this yojana who have completed their education i.e. up to graduation. Besides, that it’s not that bad news for those who have not completed their education.

शादी शगुन योजना फॉर्म 2022

Minority Muslim Girls Community – All the Muslim girls who are across the country will also be encouraged to pursue higher education through the shadi shagun yojana. India being a developing country even today there are many such societies that don’t allow girls to complete their education. And the somewhat similar situation is seen in the community of Muslims.

There are Muslim girls who do not get much encouraged for pursuing higher education. This is one of the pivotal reasons why the government has launched the shadi shagun yojana to motivate the girls from Muslim societies to pursue higher education.

Shadi Shagun Yojana Apply

Marriage Assistance Yojana Form 2022

Motivation to Pursue Higher Education – This scheme will help the Muslim girls belonging to the minority community to increase or enhance their education level. One of the main reasons or purposes of the central government to introduce this Shadi Shagun Yojana scheme is to motivate Muslim minority girls to pursue higher education.

Along with this, the parents of the Muslim girl will also be provided with financial assistance at the time of marriage. There are many benefits of this Shadi Shagun Yojana scheme that the government is about to introduce. Muslim girls should apply and take the benefits of the same.

Scheme Shadi Shagun Yojana
Department Ministry of Minority Affairs
Under Central Government of India
Apply online Shadi Shagun Yojana online Apply
Official portal
Assistance Rs 51000/- (one time)

PM Shaadi Shagun Yojana Application Status

Grants for Completion of 9th and 10th Class

Under this scheme of Shadi Shagun Yojana, the Muslim girls will also have financial benefits. Like they will get rewarded with an amount of INR 10,000 as a reward to those who have completed their IX and X std. Previously this prize money was given to the Muslim girls who had completed their XI and XII. The official website of the Shadi Shagun Yojana is yet to be created. This is not some scheme that will encourage marriage, but rather this is a scheme that will encourage the minority Muslim girls to pursue higher education. Plus, financial assistance will be given to them during their marriage.

PM Shadi Shagun Yojana Grants for Marriage

This scheme of the central government will provide 51000 /- as an omen in marriage to the Muslim minority girls who have completed their graduation before marriage. Under the shadi shagun yojana the beneficiary is a Muslim girl and they will get INR 51000 for their marriage as a grant in case if they are getting married after the completion of their graduation process. This schemes’ main objective is to motivate the girls for pursuing higher education. This scheme is not just limited to this aspect only, apart from that the Muslim girls will be given 10,000/- after the completion of their 9th and 10th.

Shadi Shagun Scheme 51000 Apply online

Reviews –  This scheme is a very beneficial scheme i.e. to encourage the Muslim girls to pursue higher education, but it would have been more beneficial if grants were provided to them for completing their higher education or the grants should have been provided after their marriage to complete the higher education, as per people’s view. Like there are many states in the US, where college grants are provided for the students to complete their education. But here in India, the case is totally different. But again it’s a good decision to provide grants during the marriage, as many people are financially backward and need help.

For All States in India – 

The official website of this scheme has not yet been introduced. So, the girls will have to wait for a long time maybe. Maulana Azad Education Foundation is aiding in this scheme. You will have to visit the official website of this scheme to know the further details. The scheme is mainly for the girls who are in the minority community and those who have completed their graduation. This shadi shagun yojana scheme has been implemented in all the states in India. The Muslim girls who have not completed their graduation level examination will not be eligible for this scheme.

PM Shadi Shagun Yojana Registration

Maulana Azad Education Foundation

Apart from that the girls who have received the scholarship (i.e. Begum Hazrat Mahal) funded by the Maulana Azad Education Foundation, can also apply for this scheme are eligible for this scheme of Shadi Shagun Yojana. Plus, the Muslim girls who have received a scholarship at school from Maulana Azad Education Foundation are also eligible for this Shadi Shagun Yojana. It is also very important for the girls to complete their graduation if they want to receive grants for their marriage. So, they should be able to complete their graduation.

PM Shadi Shagun 51000 Yojana Form

Criteria for Getting Benefit of the Scheme

Plus, to get the benefit of the Shadi Shagun Yojana it is important that the girl should have graduated from a recognized university. The Muslim girl should be a citizen of India. And apart from that, the annual income of the parents of the girl should not exceed a certain amount, which you will come to know from the official website. For instance, it can be 3 or 5 lacks or less than that. Then, only the Muslim girl will be able to avail the benefits of the Shadi Shagun Yojana. For more details, you can check Maulana Azad Education Foundation’s official website, where you will get the application form for Shadi Shagun Yojana, 2022.

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