Aamir Khan’s Brother Faisal Khan’s Shocking Revelations About Family Court Case And Custody In Recent Interview – Faisal Khan: Jailed me, declared me insane, gave me drugs, took me on the phone… Shocking revelations by Aamir’s brother

Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan is currently in the news. According to reports, Faisal Khan was approached for Salman Khan’s controversial show Bigg Boss 16. However, Faisal refused to be a part of the show. He said I love my freedom. Meanwhile, Faisal has now made several shocking revelations about his family and brother Aamir Khan in an interview.

Due to family’s displeasure, I was alienated from myself. However, the family could not understand this. They declared me insane. Not only this, he imprisoned me, started giving me some drugs and also took my phone. Aamir sahib even hired border guards to keep an eye on me. That is, I was completely cut off from the world. I endured all this for a few days. But when I got the signing authority, I resisted.

Faisal further said, I went against the family and left the house. I went to my friend who is in the police. He said that your family tried to make you crazy by getting you tested in a private hospital. But, when there is a court case, only the test of the government hospital will be trusted. Then got tested from the government hospital. The case also went on in the court for many years. But in the end I won. The court while ruling in my favor said that I am not crazy.

Faisal Khan added, My father supported me during this time. He had remarried, so he was living separately. But when the court case happened and the world came to know that crimes were being committed against me, my father supported me.

Faisal said that the case regarding his custody is also going on. Faisal said, Aamir told the court, give him my custody, I will take care of him. But I didn’t want that. By then I was 18 myself. I wanted to take care of myself. Live your life on your terms. I told the judge the same. The case went on for some time and finally the verdict was in my favor.

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