Gum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein Pakhi requests Sai to come to Virat’s house Written Update : Pakhi makes a strange request to Sai, will the first wife go to Virat’s house?

Gum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein

Gum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein: Currently, a very interesting story is going on in the famous series ‘Gum Hai Kisese Pyaar Mein’ on Star Plus. The show takes a leap and Sai lives with her daughter Savi, Virat thinks Sai is dead and didn’t even know he had a daughter. Now Virat realizes that his first wife Sai is alive, but now he is married to Pakhi. Virat feels that Sai has cheated him and Sai feels that Virat didn’t even come to find him.

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A promo of the show showed Virat asking Sai about whose daughter Savi is, now a new and interesting promo is out. The promo shows that Pakhi has come to meet Sai, she makes a strange demand to Sai. Pakhi meets Sai and says – No matter how far we go in life, the past drags us.

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Sai says – I am not the Sai you know now, but you are still the same Pakhi who is in love with Virat. Now you have also become Virat’s wife.

Pakhi further says – Virat’s second wife wants to demand something from the first wife. Will you come with me to Virat’s house?

It will be interesting to see if Sai convinces Pakhi and takes her along to Virat’s house or she refuses. Star Plus has shared this promo on Instagram and fans have reacted that Sai should not go to Virat’s house with Pakhi. People are saying that Sai deserves a better life, he should not go there. What is your opinion? Why does Sai want to go to Virat’s house?

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