Anupamaa Spoiler Today Episode 17 September 2022 write update kinjal heartbroken | Anupamaa Spoiler Today’s Episode: Paritosh’s Infidelity Breaks Kinjal, This Awesome Twist Will Come In The Show

New Delhi: The popular small screen show ‘Anupama’ is currently seeing new twists and turns. The TRP of the show has also skyrocketed. The upcoming episode of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ is going to be very emotional. The entire family including Anupama has come to know about Paritosh’s extramarital affair. Vanraj throws Paritosh out of the house, after which Ba takes out all his anger on Anupama as usual.

Vanraj threw Paritosh out of the house

She accused Anupama of trespassing in her son’s house. Along with this she abuses him, after which Anupama feels worse. By now you must have seen in Anupama that the Shah family is busy preparing for the christening of Kinjal’s daughter. On the other hand Paritosh is fighting in love elsewhere after cheating Kinjal. Paritosh’s deed is gradually revealed to the entire family.

Ba curses Anupama

Baa says breaking his own house, son-in-law’s house, don’t you feel ashamed? You will regret it a lot. You will never be happy. You’ll feel like a lot of bullshit. You will feel satisfied and I will be very badass. You will never be happy by burning the joy of our yard, Anupama.

Rakhi came in support of Anupama

Meanwhile, Rakhi came in support of Anupama and said, ‘I apologize to you Anupama. Seeing Toshu’s misbehavior and his attitude made me realize how right you are and how wrong I am. Anupama did a great job. Thank you for keeping your promise to support my daughter.

Will Anuj support Anupama?

Kinjal is broken due to Paritosh’s infidelity. According to media reports, she will go into depression. Not only this, she will not be able to fulfill the responsibility of a daughter. Kinjal is now going to give her daughter to Anupama. Now the biggest question is whether Anuj will support Anupama during this time or not?

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