Kavita Chawla: 12th pass lady becomes first crorepati of KBC season-14

  • Madhu Pal
  • For BBC Hindi, from Mumbai

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45-year-old Kavita Chawla from Kolhapur has become the first millionaire of the 14th season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, the most popular show on Indian television.

Kavita Chawla had been trying to be a part of the show since the beginning of Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2000 and finally after 21 years, 10 months she got the chance to sit in the hot seat opposite Amitabh Bachchan.

Kavita Chawla speaking to BBC Hindi said, “After all these efforts and efforts, my dream has come true. I have reached many people, when will I reach? I am still sitting at home, when will my number be called? I am also emotional hearing the stories of people coming to the show. Used to be. People would cry at the show and I would sit at home and cry. Tried every year but failed. Frustrated.”

In 2021, Kavita got a chance to reach the Fastest Finger first round but could not progress beyond that. However, she did not lose heart and continued to work hard. According to him, Amitabh Bachchan inspired him to keep trying.

image source, Sony TV

Studied till 12th but never stopped learning

Referring to her schooling, Kavita says, “When I passed 10th, it was a big deal for our daughters to study till 10th. But still my family taught me till 12th on my request.”

“The situation was that our mother of the house used to work as a seamstress to support our four children. Seeing her, I also learned sewing and decided to help her. Leaving further education, I got involved in it. Then I got married, became a housewife but I continued to increase my knowledge.

Kavita has so far only told her husband and son about her win, the rest of the family is still unaware of it. She wants the rest of her family and relatives to watch her win on TV.

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How to prepare for KBC?

On which question was the toughest in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, Kavita says, “Questions on 3 lakh 20 thousand are very difficult.”

“I had read a few and given some very thoughtful answers. I had been following KBC since the beginning, so I would have known how much their level had risen. I would update myself accordingly.”

What to do with this money?

What will you do with the winning Rs 1 crore? On this question, Kavita says, “After winning, I will spend part of it on my 22-year-old son’s further studies.”

She says, “I want to travel all over India. I want to go to Meghalaya, see the cherry blossom festival, which I have only seen on TV so far.”

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Will there be a record of seven crore fifty lakhs or not?

Referring to how KBC is different this time, Kavita says, “The change that has been made in the show this time is very good. For this 75th Independence Day, it has come up with the Dhan Amrit question, at 75 lakhs. So what happens, the one crore question that If he tries, there is no risk. Even if he makes a mistake, he will not fall below 320,000. At least 75 lakh will buy a house.”

“I benefited a lot from this. I was able to try because there was no risk involved. I’m going to face the question of 75 million, so I think I can crack it, it’s not that easy because it’s such a big question.”

Kavita says, “It won’t be easy, you all pray for me. Let’s see if I reach the 75 lakh mark, if I quit or record.”

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Don’t underestimate a housewife

Kavita says that till date her life has been devoted to raising her husband and children.

She says, “A housewife’s job is bigger than a government job. A housewife is a multitasking job. There are responsibilities towards husband, children, in-laws and other people in the household. Apart from that, getting up and sitting outside, fetching goods from the market, everything happens.”

“Only a housewife can understand these things. A housewife should not be underestimated. What is a housewife? But when I continued to prepare, even Amitabhji praised me for being a mother and being. A housewife, she gave me the title of power of knowledge. gave

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It was a pity that there was no degree before, and not now

Kavita says, “Earlier, because of our society, I also thought that I have studied only till 12th. I don’t have any degree, what will I do next.”

Kavita says that after watching the show Kaun Banega Crorepati, her thinking changed and she decided that no degree is right but she is going to earn money with her knowledge.

Kavita says, “I used to think that if I work hard and become a millionaire, this is the biggest title – millionaire Kavita. After that I don’t need any title. Now I really think I need any other title. No need.”

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