Sara Ali Khan Spotted Outside Pub, Trolls Say- Beware Children Of Drugwood

Author: Karisma LalwaniPublication Date: Sunday, 18 Sep 2022 08:59 PM (IST)Updated Date: Sunday, 18 September 2022 08:59 PM (IST)

New Delhi, Jn. In the boycott trend, a video of Sara Ali Khan has surfaced, which has once again brought Bollywood culture under the scanner. After watching Sarah’s video, people are saying that this drugwood is spoiling the future generation. Today’s generation considers new artists as their icons. But the kind of photos and videos of these actors intoxicated, are raising questions. This video has been shared by a person named Varun Kapoor.

Sara became a target of SSR fans

Sara Ali Khan’s fans are once again raving about her after seeing her viral video. Here’s a video of Sara walking in a daze. People believe that Sarah is so drunk that she cannot balance herself properly. She could not even go in the elevator alone. His friend is holding his hand and leading him up the stairs. Meanwhile, when the paparazzi tried to catch Sara, she left with a light smile. Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans have slammed Sara over this video.

Sara’s move angered the fans

Actually Sara Ali Khan was recently spotted outside Bastian restaurant in Mumbai. He was also accompanied by his friend and actress Sharmeen Segal. In the viral video, Sara is seen walking slowly holding Sharmeen’s hand. Meanwhile she sees the camera and says hi and leaves. But throughout the video, Sara is seen walking in a daze. As Sarah climbs the stairs, her hand touches the security guard’s. Due to this, she is getting trolled more.

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