after wrapping up his first rookie minicamp with the Patriots, Jakobi Meyers decided to job out of town and visit his family.

After his return flight touches down in Boston, Meyers thought he would be able to call. But a glance at the prices gave him second thoughts.

I’m back, I fly into Boston and Uber are like $110,” Meyers said in a video posted to the Patriots’ Twitter account.

The enterprising rookie pulled up Google Maps on his phone, searching for options. 

I convinced myself that I was going to take the train with a 20 percent charge,” Meyers said. 

Google Maps this, and now I’m this kid from Georgia in Boston trying to figure out how to make it from South Station to Mansfield.

Meyers telling his story, and tight end Jonnu Smith revealing that he once took a $15,000 private flight after missing his flight.

“I had a box of pizza in my hand and my book bag on. I came to my gate and the flight is closed.”