What's next for Geno Smith? Contract, pending free agency,  in 2022

Many people questioned what the Seahawks would do at quarterback when they opted to trade quarterback Russell Wilson to the Broncos.

Drew Lock and Geno Smith were the only quarterbacks on the Seattle roster at the time, despite the fact that they had been acquired as part of the Wilson trade.

Seattle made the decision to do nothing and let the two contend for the starting slot.

Everyone anticipated that Smith would lose it, but the Seahawks actually won it.

Smith had started games for the Jets early in his career, but since then, he has become a backup.

Few anticipated that he would perform well as the starter, particularly after he had a 1-2 record in 2021 while Wilson was out for three weeks.

Smith has undoubtedly shown via his outstanding season that he deserves to be a starter. And if he doesn't falter in the second half of the campaign, he stands to gain a lot from his huge year.